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Projekt Overview

The "OpenGL Spacesim Projekt" was developed with the intention to be an Arcade Action 3D Space Shooter.
The Player can choose from a multitude of different spaceships and weapons to fight against a superiority of hostile spacecrafts.
The Game Engine is a proprietary development which makes use of OpenGL for 3D-Graphics, DirectX for input devices, FMOD for sound effects and music playback and COLDET for collision detection. During the development of the game a 3D-Editor for importing and configuring game objects was created as well as an own script language (C-like) for mission scripting and to maximize the game engine's flexibility.

The project does not pursue any commercial goals and should not compete with any existing products. The Space Combat Simulation was developed to expand my knowledge in 3D-Graphic and game programming, learn programming techniques and to understand how things work (e.g. compilers). Furthermore, it is the perfect project for me to live out my enthusiasm for Science Fiction and to give rein to my creativity.

But now, check out the media and have fun playing the demo!

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OpenGL for 3D-Graphics
Import of (multi)textured 3D Studio MAX .ASE objects
Dynamic lighting effects
6 Degrees of Freedom using Quaternions
Sound effects and music playback with Fmod 3.5

Proprietary particle engine
- engine trails
- impressive explosions
- weapon effects
- fire on damaged spacecrafts

Many different weapon systems including homing missiles
Multitexturing (Environment mapping, Illumination Maps, etc.)
Game control by using DirectInput (Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick are supported)
Rudimentary Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Targeting System
Skybox, Starfield, Lensflares
Proprietary scripting language (C-like) to control mission events and gameplay
3D Editor for configuration of game objects (weapons, gun turrets, light&particle effects can be mounted to the 3D Objects)
Shop-Interface for spacecraft&weaponry selection
OpenGL-Shader-Support in development...

(Click on the Images to open screenshot-gallery)

Minimal System Requirements

800 MHz CPU
3D-Accelerator Graphics Card with 16 MB Memory and support for at least 2 Texture Units
DirectX 8.X
14 MB of free hard disk space



Project Status

Since October 2003 the project is on hold because of my lack of time. But you can download a playable demo on the Download-page.

Last Update: 10/20/2007